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visa services in dubai

Visa services in Dubai

Looking for a fresh start in the beautiful Arabian sands? A zillion opportunities are waiting for you in one of the top business-encouraging nations in the world. Even though Dubai offers one of the perfect settings for foreign investment, many new entrepreneurs struggle with the tedious and time-consuming process of visa handling. The irony is that procuring a visa in Dubai is pretty simple compared to many other countries in the globe. You just have to know the right way to handle it. And for this, you need the best hands at work. The best visa agencies in Dubai like UBL can handle your visa processes quick and efficient. UBL business setup has been offering visa assistance to individuals and businesses for a long time since our inception in the emirates.

Types of Dubai visas

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Business visa

The Dubai business visa is meant for foreign investors and their dependents who wish to start a business in Dubai. The visa consultants at UBL business setup can offer personalized services for all your visa needs. Our experts are proficient and experienced in a wide range of visa related services that will help you launch your business in Dubai, hassle-free. You need a reliable visa service provider to make your visa processes smooth and faultless. Offhanded and thoughtless visa handling can invite glitches to your business. Our visa consultants can provide fast and cost-effective solutions to all your business visa requirements.

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Investor visa

Regardless of the type of your business, you need proper investor funds to get it going. Setting up funds for the company setup in Dubai is the primary task for every new entrepreneur. Dubai has always been heartening to foreign investors and their ideas. Since the relevance of investor funds is huge, investor visas hold the foundation for any successful foreign business in Dubai. An investor visa gives you the freedom to enter and invest in the emirates soil anytime. Our visa services in Dubai shall provide you with the best suggestions and solutions for your investor visa management.

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Employment visa

You need a valid Dubai employment or work visa to take part in any kind of job in Dubai. The work visa processing in Dubai is quite a simple process. A large number of Dubai's population are foreign expatriates. Dubai is one of the most accommodative nations for foreign workers. It is also one of the most preferred job destinations in the whole world. This is because of the plethora of high-paying job opportunities and attractive life standards the country provides. The work visa processes in Dubai are pretty laid-back and direct. While all visa agencies in Dubai can help you obtain a work visa, our visa experts can make the process three times faster.

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Family visa

You can bring your family and dependents to Dubai easily with a family visa. The UAE law allows male expatriates to bring their dependents to Dubai under certain conditions. There are some prerequisites including a minimum income for acquiring permission to sponsor their family. You can bring your close family members including children if you earn a minimum income of AED 4000. The revised law amendment has relaxed family visa requirements and allows expatriates to apply for family visa irrespective of their job type. Our experts offer the best residence visa services in Dubai.

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Tourist visa

The tourist visas in Dubai are comprised of 30 days and 90 days visa for both single and multiple entries. You can also extend your visa for 30 days twice while you are in Dubai. Tourism is one of the most important sectors in Dubai and is the backbone of their economy. Dubai is one of the world’s largest tourist spot. It is also the fourth most visited city in the world. You can enjoy your trip to Dubai with a valid tourist visa issued for a specific duration. Our visa consultants can simplify your tourist visa processes and make your travel easy.

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Freelance visa

9 to 5 office jobs are giving way to freelance jobs that offer flexible work schedules and earning options. The digital explosion and laptop lifestyle have boosted this affinity for freelance jobs. Dubai not only provides attractive environments for businesses and office jobs but also freelancers. If you wish to work as a freelancer in your field of expertise in Dubai, a freelance visa is essential for you. You can enjoy job gigs in diverse fields for which you can work from anywhere and anytime in Dubai. You can live and work in Dubai and even bring your family here if you have a valid freelance visa. Our experts will help you secure a freelance license and visa to help you work as a freelancer in Dubai.

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Procedure for visa application

People of different nations must satisfy different criteria to earn a visa in Dubai. Consult the best visa agencies in Dubai to know more about your visa prerequisites. Here are the steps to apply for a Dubai visa

  • Step 1

    Choose your visa type. The government of Dubai offers different kinds of visa for varying durations based on the purpose of your travel. It is important to understand your visa type before applying for the visa.

  • Step 2

    There are several documents that are mandatory for all visa types alike. But in some cases, you need an extra set of documents. Regardless of your visa type, you need the following documents while applying for a visa in Dubai.

    • Valid passport
    • Filled visa application form
    • Photographs
    • Cover letter
    • Tax documents

    Talk to our visa consultant to know more about the visa application process.

  • Step 3

    You can apply for a Dubai visa via online channels. Applying online will also help you save time and money. We will help you with the visa handling process online. Simply talk to our experts to get the best visa assistance in Dubai.

  • Step 4

    Once you have successfully applied online, you will receive your e-visa via email. You need to take a print of the visa and carry it with you during the time of travel.

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  • 1. Can I get a business visa on arrival in Dubai?

    Business Visa Application Requirements for a Visa to the United Arab Emirates Travelers with a passport from your country can receive a free visa on arrival in the UAE for a maximum stay of 30 days. You must get a visa on arrival. Confirm with their airline that they will be able to board without a visa.

  • 2. How long can a UAE investor visa holder stay outside the UAE?

    The default maximum length of stay for a legal resident outside of the nation is six months. There are several circumstances, such as study abroad or medical/humanitarian reasons, when that term might be prolonged.

  • 3. What is the difference between an employment visa and a residence visa in UAE?

    An entrance permit is a document that permits foreigners to lawfully enter and stay in the UAE for the period specified. A residency visa is provided to a foreigner or a family member of the employment visa holder, who has already entered the country using an entrance permit.

  • 4. Does a freelancer need a work permit in UAE?

    The new rule allows freelancers to lawfully reside and work in the UAE. Applicants are not needed to rent office space and are free to apply for permanent permits for themselves and their families. You only need a freelancer's permission to start working if you are a UAE citizen on your spouse's or parent's visa. Pro services Dubai assists businesses and individuals with all Visa approval and cancellation procedures, as well as other business operations.