Trade Licenses Issuance in Dubai

Trade licenses in UAE are issued by the Department of Economic Development Authority, which allows doing business in the UAE. The first step in the licensing process is to determine the legal form options and the type of activity that identifies the parties involved in that activity. One of the advantages of getting a DED trading license is that a company can trade in Dubai and other emirates. A trade license is a certification obtained through the judiciary with the relevant authority, which allows a company to conduct a specific business activity under legal authority. The most licensed business permit is a trade license, which assigns most of the activities that can be carried out throughout the UAE, both as professional licenses and commercial licenses.
When applying for a trade license, Dubai businesses face difficulties due to the unfamiliarity of the entire application process because of this situation we provide all licensing services for you. All enterprises must obtain a valid business license to start a business unit in Dubai otherwise you not obey the rules. Business licenses depend on the work you do in Dubai so this this more important process when you want to start a new business in UAE. Different business licenses are available for different businesses.

In order to obtain a valid trading license from a free zone or offshore, the company must submit the original documents to the Commercial Registrar of Commercial Licensing and the Department of Commercial Registration. After obtaining approval from the Ministry of Finance and the DED and obtaining the appropriate business license, a company establishes a branch or representative office in the UAE. The office is registered in the Registry of Foreign Companies Ministry of Finance before starting a business. One cannot do business in Dubai without renewing the business license. Financial institutions such as banks must obtain a valid license from the Central Bank of the UAE. Each business requires special permission from the respective ministries in UAE.

What are the different types of business licenses in the uae?

business activities in the country can be divided into the following types of licenses.

Professional Trade License: -

When starting a professional firm, 100% foreign ownership and sole ownership are allowed. The designated agent or a professional company formation specialist in Dubai will not be directly involved in the company. The UAE will issue professional licenses based on the right to education and area of expertise. Read More

Commercial Business License: -

If a person wants to start a business in Dubai that involves buying or selling business activities or goods, they need to obtain a commercial license from the relevant authorities. A commercial license is issued to a company engaged in any type of commercial activity. Read More

Industrial Trade License: -

An industrial license identifies you as a person, business, or company registered in Dubai or the UAE to carry out industrial activities. Business Industries are evolving and you need a license when you start a particular business Read More

What are the requirements for obtaining a business license?

  • Design the commercial, industrial and business segment
  • Completed application form signed by the legal agent of the company.
  • Professional for all types of occupations, craftsmen, services, and craftsmen
  • Determine all related business activities within each business license
  • Select the trade name
  • Fill and submit the application for preliminary approval
  • Submit an application to the DED to obtain a final license
  • DED letter attesting to the establishment of the company
  • Leave the business premises and obtain permission from the Authority
  • Make the required payment for the license, including the issue fee for obtaining the license
  • Prepare all necessary documents such as a memorandum of association and approvals from other relevant government authorities.

Advantages of a Business License In Dubai

  • Single license allows trading of multiple licenses
  • Allows 100% of profits and capital to be repatriated
  • Use any office location in Dubai
  • Helps to easily obtain employee visas
  • Problem-free legal process
  • Use any currencies
  • Easy to set up
  • Tax-free jurisdiction
  • Local and international trade system
  • Auditing is not mandatory

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