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Trade licenses are a significant part to have with a foreign or native business in the UAE. The company can be commercial, professional, or industrial. Each of them has different versions of trade licenses and needs to take different routes to obtain them. There are specific requirements and procedures to achieve or renew trade license in Dubai. Relevant authorities are specified to deal with every business and service trade license across all emirates in the UAE.

Before calling a tender for construction companies to start work for your company building, intense research must be done. It includes the type of business you are doing and the right location for an establishment. Then the next step is to get a new trade license from the Department of Economic Development (DED). UBL offers excellent DED trade license services for all kinds of business setup in Dubai.

Here we have experts to help with the renewal and reminders for every general trade license. A firm can work from inside or outside of the UAE with the respective trade license. Different trade licenses such as commercial, professional, and industrial trade licenses are needed to run a company in the UAE.

Getting a valid trade license confirms that the company is genuine and obeying the rules. There is a need for several original documents from the applicant company. Moreover, all the documents must be submitted to the Commercial Registrar of Commercial Licensing (CRCL) and the Department of Commercial Registration (DCR). DED and the Ministry of Finance approve applications, and the license will be provided.

Professional Trade License Issuance in Dubai

There are efficient mainland trade license services across Dubai like UBL through which companies can gain their trade licenses. In the case of a professional trade license, you can obtain both sole and foreign ownership for a company. A resident of Dubai is needed as an agent for international companies to get a professional license. Otherwise, they need to process several extra amount legal steps to get it.

After all, getting a new trade license in Dubai is not the last step to be an approved business in Dubai. Renewal of their trade license is also a necessary procedure that all companies should follow. So, using a local agent is the right way to deal with professional trade license services in UAE. This agent will take a fixed amount of money from the business in regular periods. And they will not have any partnership advantages or direct involvement in the company.

trade license issuance in dubai

Businesses come under Professional Trade License

ded trade license services

Professional licenses are the way to go for businesses that we regularly encounter on several occasions. The list of companies that can work with a professional license includes:

  • Graphic designing
  • Publication and printing firms
  • Medical assistance
  • Document Clearance services and more
trade license in dubai

Commercial Trade License Issuance in Dubai

As the name suggests, a commercial license is for a company looking to do commercial business practices in Dubai. A company can do both inside and outside of the UAE after a commercial trade license issuance. Whenever a business is trying to obtain a new trade license in Dubai, a commercial license is the most preferred one. A commercial license is required to make business relationships in the international markets from Dubai. In other words, any business that involves buying and selling products in Dubai needs a commercial license.

Commercial trading activities without renewal of the corresponding trade license will also be subjected to legal actions from the authorities. Companies can seek the help of trade license services in UAE to keep up with the legal regulations.

A company with a commercial trade license can perform up to ten commercial business activities. The same license can be used to undertake different companies in the same genre. Besides, the company can apply for resident visas for their employees and the management. After all, the renewal cost of a commercial license can be reduced through different practices.

Businesses come under Commercial Trade License

Here are some of the businesses that can get a commercial trade license issuance in Dubai.

  • Export and import of products
  • Electronic product sales
  • Automobile market
  • All entities with a professional license
  • Oil and gas and more
trade license renewal in dubai
renewal of trade license in dubai

Industrial Trade License Issuance in Dubai

Any business that deals with natural resources and conversion of raw materials need an industrial mainland license in Dubai. Approval from several judiciaries is mandatory for getting an industrial license for companies that convert raw materials into products. All companies with a process of taking resources or semi-manufactured products into completed products need an industrial license.

Besides, these companies also need a regular renewal of trade license to continue a genuine business. All kinds of activities that lead to the production of a final product is an industrial level business. It includes casting, molding, assembling, processing, etc.

More investors and consumers will trust a business with an industrial license under a judiciary. And all the money transactions will always be protected. It is because all the income transactions will be passed with judicial intervention. These companies can implement all kinds of modern business and technological infrastructure in the company.

Businesses come under Industrial Trade License

Companies that deal with the starting stage of product manufacturing are involved in this section. Here are some of the main areas where an industrial trade license is needed.

  • Paper and glue manufacturing plants
  • Food and Beverage production
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Automobile production factories
  • Metal casting factories and more
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business trade licensing services

How trade license services in UAE help companies?

Several trade license services in UAE help new and already established companies to get new or renewal of their trade licenses. UBL can help any business with all the documents and permits according to the regulations from the authorities. The services start from preliminary checkups of papers and making sure of any mistakes before application.

Experts will help with great opportunities from reliable sources according to the needs of the business. These services will find a reliable support representative from the same field to improve the company if needed. A company will constantly be reminded about the renewal of their trade license without any fail. Above all, all kinds of legal issues can be done with different services provided within these trade license services in UAE.

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  • 1. What are the different kinds of trade licenses in Dubai?

    In the UAE, there are four types of business licenses or trade licenses; Commercial License – granted to a company engaged in any kind of trading activity, Industrial License – granted to a company engaged in any kind of manufacturing or industrial activity, Professional License – granted to service providers, artisans, professionals, and craftsmen, and Tourism License – granted to travel, tourism, and hospitality companies in the UAE.

  • 2. What documents are required for business license renewal in the UAE?
    To renew your trade license, you must produce a Real Estate Regulatory Agency certificate of authenticity for the leasing contract, as well as a new Memorandum of Association with the necessary revisions.
  • 3. What does Trade license mean?

    A trade license is a document/certificate that allows an applicant (someone who wants to begin a business) to start a specific trade or business in a specific area/location. It protects the locals from being affected by any health hazards. The license, however, does not authorize the holder to engage in any other trade or business than that for which it was issued.

  • 4. Who issues a Trade license?

    The Department of Economic Development Authority in Dubai, UAE issues trade licenses to entrepreneurs that want to start a business setup in UAE. The department issues it to several departments such as industry, engineering, and health. To obtain a commercial license in Dubai, one must first choose a trading name, create the Memorandum and Articles of Association, and then file them with the Department of Economic Development for preliminary authorization. A leasing agreement is also required as verification of the Dubai company's registered address. The application for a trade license can then be submitted.