Dubai Mainland Company Formation Service

Business setup in the Dubai mainland is much easier and cheaper than in previous years. The Mainland Company is a legal entity that operates within and outside the country without any restrictions. The formation of a mainland company in Dubai is a very lucrative investment option for investors and businesses. Major companies in the UAE are licensed by the Department of Economic Development in all emirates and are able to conduct unrestricted business in local and international markets. A mainland license, also known as an onshore license, allows people to do business in the UAE and internationally without restrictions. Essentially all business activities are located in the mainland of the UAE, which is directly registered under each Emirates government and its authorities, including the limitation of commercialized geographical areas.
A major territory registered entity is permitted to conduct its business activities throughout the UAE market, which can operate with anyone inside or outside the UAE, and is not limited to operating within its free territory. The mainland is the destination for all businesses in the world. The mainland business setup in the UAE is an ideal option for investors who want to gain a strong presence in the local market in the UAE. Business setting up in Dubai Mainland, Company formation, Registration, Mainland license, Commercial compliance, Consumer protection in the UAE

We Provide:-

  • License: - This includes the fee till the issuance of the license which includes all government expenses for the license with Arabic trade name.
  • Commercial Licensing - This category includes all activities related to trading, also known as LLC formation.
  • Professional Licensing - This category includes all activities related to services, professionals, craftsmen and craftsmen.
  • Industrial License - This category covers all activities related to manufacturing.
  • An investment visa: - An investor's visa outside the country of issue. Fees include entry permit, medical test, Emirates ID and final stamping.
  • Immigration Card / Labor Card / Establishment Card Processing: - An electronic card issued after your company is registered with the Immigration Department.
  • Bank Account: - Assistance for opening a bank account in Dubai for a commercial account

Why set up a company in the Dubai Mainland?

  • Strategic position
  • Obtaining a license
  • Favorable economic policies
  • Business culture
  • Double tax exemption
  • Easy access to office space
  • Visas are applied and processed
  • The office environment is determined by your budget

Mainland Business Setup In The UAE

  • Select business activity
  • Registration and Licensing Application Proof of reserved trade name.
  • Choose a local UAE sponsor or partner
  • Photocopy of the applicant's passport
  • Select the legal form or legal structure
  • Apply for initial approval
  • Permission from the court to practice business
  • Photocopy of office lease including plot number.
  • Rent an office
  • Get your business license in Dubai
  • Permission granted by other Government authorities according to the type of activity ....

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