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How to Get Food Truck Licence in Dubai for your Business

Dubai is a city of diversities which attracts travellers from all over the world. Its international culture has made a significant effect in its food culture too. Dishes from any corner of the world are available in dubai. Dubai has now become the gastronomic hub of the World. Another attractive thing about Dubai is its food cost affordability. You can treat your taste buds according to your budget.

Food Truck is now a trending attraction to foodies in dubai, because it offers tasty food at affordable cost. If you are planning to enter into the food industry in dubai, then food truck will be a wise choice for you, because it’s more easy to start and is budget friendly as compared to starting a cafeteria or restaurant in Dubai. Usually food trucks sell local cuisines, but dubai is an international hub so there are numerous possibilities for food truckers to select their cuisines based on your taste and interest.

Steps to get a food truck licence in Dubai

1. The foremost step in attaining your food truck licence is to submit your business plan to the Financial information department and Department of Economic Development(DED). You may have to report to the DED and other government agencies about your food truck concept, how you are going to execute it successfully and its feasibility in the emirate. It’s better to get advice from business consulting services in dubai to easily attain your Trade Licence Issuance in Dubai.

Your business plan must have the following details :

●Concept of your Business: Should contain your business motive your vision and mission, theme and kind of food you are offering
●Your Financial Plan: How you are going to find the initial start cost, Your Financial Supporter, capital required, your break even strategy
●Business Model : This should include your business principles and ideology. It is like a framework of your business plan.
●You should also include your strategy for competition, risk involved in your business and how you are going to overcome it, ideas about scaling your business etc.

2. Another important point to remember is that you cannot make your food in the food truck itself. You are only allowed to make your food in a central kitchen. You have to get a certificate from hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP). Here you have to detail about two points

●The Layout of your food truck,which should contain information about your kitchen, your hygiene strategies,waste management system, cooking system etc
●Blue print of Design of Food Truck : This should include factors like provision of electricity, safety measurements, specification of the truck .

3. As a mobile business, food truck business requires a license from the road and transport authority. Also certification is required to use motorways and public locations.
At UBL Business setup we can provide one stop solution for all your food truck startup, we can handle licence processing, documentation, project planning etc for your successful food truck business journey.

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