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The emirates id card is a wonderful multipurpose identification asset issued by the federal authority for identity and citizenship for all residents of the united arab emirates with legal requirements, electronic portal systems at airports, medical insurance facilities, prompt and accurate medical care, and easy banking services. etc. This is one of the basic visa requirements for professionals entering the uae. As part of the ubl visa service package, we will easily assist you in obtaining the documents and certificates required to obtain an emirates id.

What are the uses of your emirates id?

  • To benefit from government services
  • To vote in the election of the federal national council.
  • It has become a travel document for citizens of the United arab Emirates to travel within the countries of the gulf cooperation council.
  • It has become a document to transfer immigration through e-gates and smart gates in several airports in the emirates.
  • The smart card is included in the emirates id card.
  • Public key infrastructure (digital signature, authentication certificates).
  • Biometric footprint.
  • Provides the high degree of accuracy and security.
  • Identification number electronic chip.

What are the features of emirates id card ?

1. Smart Card
Contains public key infrastructure (digital signature, authentication certificates)and biometric footprint.
2. ID Card
The id card contains an identification number known as the id number, which is distinguished by its unique and non-repeated number. It consists of 15 numbers.
3. Electronic Chip
Electronic chip contains the personal data of the owner. Machines designed for this purpose can read this data and authenticate user credentials. Some of this data is encrypted to protect data privacy and can only be read/written/updated by authorized authorities. This chip can store up to 32,000 characters.
4. The ID Card is equipped with the latest smart card technology.
5. It includes ultraviolet ink, delicate lettering, and line drawing.
6. It has nine security features that make it very difficult to counterfeit the card for such features and it is better than the current standard used in many cards such as bank credit cards.

What do you need to obtain emirates id?

In addition to the legal identity card for citizens and residents, the emirates id card is required to obtain various governmental and non-governmental services, such as applying for a phone connection and the internet, opening bank accounts, paying dewa bills, and registering your account. Vehicle. Pay traffic fines and more.

How to get your emirates id?

applicants can apply for the emirates id card via the online registration form or at the printing offices approved by the federal authority for identity and citizenship (ica).
After applying, ica will send you an sms stating the date and location of the post office to take fingerprints and personal photos. If the date does not match, you can call the authority’s customer service on 600530003 to reschedule or schedule a joint appointment for several family members.
The validity period of the emirates id card.
uae nationals: 5-10 years.
gulf cooperation council countries: 5 years.
expatriates: according to the validity of the residence visa.
check the status of your order.
you can monitor the status of your application through the "id card status" service, or wait for icaa to notify you via sms about the availability and location of the card.
After Your id card has been accepted - you must collect your Emirates id card from the post office specified in the official ica sms and send the order receipt or text message to collect your id. If your new emirates id card is not received within 90 days of arrival at the post office, it will be returned to ica for disposal. In this case, you must submit a request to replace the lost card and pay the required fees.
After receiving your card, you should review the attached instructions on how to change and activate the code when using the card reader.

Emirates Id Card Registration Fees and Fines

The registration fee for the emirates id card is $ 100 for all ages for citizens of the united arab emirates and the gulf cooperation council countries every 5 years and the service fee is $ 70. In addition to the service fee, the expat fee is 100 dirhams annually with residency validity for all ages. Decision-makers and persons subject to the social security law are exempt from registration fees in the population registry and id card. If there is a delay in renewing the population registry card after 30 days from the expiration date, the authority will impose a fine of 20 dirhams for each delay or a maximum of 1,000 dirhams. Id card if at least one of the eight exemption requirements specified by the authority is met.

Emirates Id Renewal And Replacement

the federal authority for identity and citizenship sends a notification via sms when the emirates id card expires. The identity card must be renewed as soon as possible. To renew an expired id card or replace a damaged or lost card, you must visit the faic approved printing offices or use the online registration form on the website of the federal authority for identity and citizenship.
In the event that the id is lost, you must notify the faic of its customer service center within one week of the event to cancel the card and request a replacement. A replacement card will be issued on the same date as the expiration date of the lost card. In the event that the card was lost outside the united arab emirates, you must notify the united arab emirates embassy in the country in which the card was lost, to report the loss of the card. You must visit typing offices upon your return to the uae to request a replacement card.
If you find someone else's id card, report it to the nearest emirates id registration center or a police station.

What is 'FAWRI' service?

the "'fawri'" service is a service that allows you to renew or issue a lost or damaged emirates id card within 24 hours. In the event that the id card is lost or damaged, emirati ex-pats can take advantage of the "'fawri'" service. If there is any change in your data, you must notify the federal authority for identity and citizenship within a maximum of 30 days from the date of the change of the authority to update the data on the id card and the population registration system. Uses of the emirates id card

How does UBL help to get your emirates id?

One of our dedicated experts will assist you through the process in the emirates identity authority (eida) center. Detailed education on the requirements and privileges of the emirates id. advice and assistance in obtaining all required documents tips on how to introduce yourself at the registration center according to the instructions. set an appointments to the appropriate service center.

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