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When starting a professional firm, 100% foreign ownership and sole ownership are allowed. The designated agent or a professional company formation specialist in Dubai will not be directly involved in the company. The UAE will issue professional licenses based on the right to education and area of expertise. If the owner of a professional firm wants to apply for more than one professional license, that person is required by law to form their own company as a Dubai civil company. With a professional license in Dubai, an international business entity in Dubai can easily carry out routine business activities and make profits that improve its financial position. Companies under professional trade licenses require a UAE citizen as a local service agent to complete judicial formalities, otherwise there is a more legal way to obtain a license. The local service agent charges a fixed annual fee and has no other stake in the company. The approval process is used as a means of ensuring that a new company meets certain criteria in its ability to provide services that apply for a license.

The agent has no direct involvement in the company other than charging a fixed annual fee for the service offered. They have no equity and are not liable to pay the company’s liabilities. Professional licenses usually include a variety of activity groups, from business support services to sports training services, recreation and artistic performance. As a result, a large number of business activities are available under the license type. To choose a business setup in Dubai, the international business should contact a professional service provider who can assist in setting up the company in the UAE. You can choose to find your office anywhere on the beach, so do not lease with specific authorities. For start-up companies, they often choose to use serviced offices or locations where they operate, which allow them to obtain licenses. The license type is related to the type of activity, so if the license type of operation is professional, the license must also be professional. When the license combines several activities, industrial activity is the largest activity, followed by commercial activity and then professional activity.


  • 100% foreign ownership.
  • Coordinate with educational institutions for accreditation
  • Renewal of a professional license is done at a reasonable rate
  • Additional income tax, corporate tax on your profits.
  • You can apply for visas, licenses, labor quotas, translation services and more
  • Choose from a wide range of activities
  • Transparency in handling a fixed annual fee from the business

The activities under a professional license are:

Holders of a professional license can only do business in selected industries. Professionals are not required to hire the services of local sponsors. With the help of a professional business license setting in Dubai, an international company wishing to operate in Dubai can set up a company here with 100% foreign ownership

  • Consultancy services
  • Medical services
  • Printing and publishing
  • Beauty salons
  • Computer graphic design service
  • Repair services
  • Security services
  • Document clearing etc.

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