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Company formation in Dubai

Dubai offers one of the perfect environments for entrepreneurs who are looking for new business formation in UAE. It supports the growth of corporate business hubs and offers business formation services for foreign investors. Company formation in Dubai is a lucrative deal no matter what industry you choose .You should have a clear idea about the different types of business structures here. Before planning to start a venture, investors must be knowledgeable about the various types of licence acquisition and business operations.

Benefits of a business in Dubai

Starting a company in Dubai presents you with a number of benefits compared to any other part of the world. Let us take a look at some of those benefits.

  • 100% foreign ownership for free zone companies
  • Flexible account opening and maintenance
  • Best infrastructure and resources
  • Simple and fast company registration process
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Steps for company registration in Dubai

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Company formation in Dubai requires business registration and licensing of your business activities. These are the steps for starting a new business venture in Dubai.

  • Name of the company: Choosing a proper name for your venture is the first step of company formation. Be careful that this name is On par with the rules and regulations Dubai government.
  • Decide your business activities: You should be aware of the type of business you are going to indulge in.
  • Except for those with a professional licence, local sponsors are necessary for mainland company formation.
  • Choose a proper business location for your activities. Be it office space or virtual space, the right kind of location is required for a fast-paced business.
  • Submit your documents: Submit all your relevant documents like licence contracts and MOU to the concerned authorities.
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How to determine the type of legal entity

It is important to determine the type of legal entity your business is going to take up. There are eight main business entity options in Dubai namely- limited liability, free zone, offshore, mainland, branch & representatives, professional firms, shareholding companies and joint ventures. The free zone type is further divided into free zone limited liability (FZ Co.) and free zone establishment (FZE).

Types of companies in Dubai

Company formation in Dubai comprises 3 different jurisdictions.

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Mainland companies in Dubai

Mainland Company in Dubai can conduct business in and out of Dubai without any restrictions. The DED is in charge of monitoring and regulating the business activities of the mainland company.

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Free zone companies in Dubai

Free zones offer a highly flexible environment for starting business ventures. Investors can enjoy benefits like 100% foreign ownership, exemption of taxes and other privileges.

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Offshore companies in Dubai

An Offshore company is by far the best option for international business. With an offshore company, you can enjoy intellectual property rights, franchise licensing and shares in other jurisdictions.

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Mainland company setup in Dubai

Mainland company setup in Dubai can seem challenging at first. But with the help of professional business consultants like UBL, the process is made much quicker and simpler. To start a mainland company in Dubai you must abide by the requirements of the Dubai government. The DED is in charge of monitoring and regulating the business activities of the mainland company. These are the steps to start a mainland company in Dubai.

  • Choose the company name
  • Submit your MOU and licence application to the DED
  • Choose a suitable location
  • Check on your visa eligibility

There are several other things to consider apart from the steps listed. You must always seek the service of a registered business consultant who can clear out the legal paperwork compilations and offer valuable guidance. Pay attention as to do not sign any contract without legal papers of consent. You can enjoy a speedy and smooth mainland company setup if you opt for free zone Licenses. UBL business setup offers affordable solutions for assisting in your mainland company registration, license procurement, PRO services and visa services.

Offshore business formation in Dubai

The Offshore company formation is a popular type of set-up in Dubai. An Offshore company does not offer any tax benefits compared to other types. Offshore companies offer more ease and flexibility of business operation. There is no need for a minimum capital or office space. The Offshore business formation can be limited liability companies or limited partnerships and companies.

Benefits of Offshore company formation

  • Foreign investors can enjoy 100% ownership.
  • Offshore company formation is ideal for investors who want to maintain confidentiality in business.
  • The tax benefits are quite attractive.
  • Freedom to operate multi-currency bank accounts.
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The documents required for offshore company formation include bank reference letters, business plans, address proofs, copies of passports etc. With UBL business setup you can save your money, time and efforts in launching the new offshore company in Dubai. Our international expertise and connections shall assist you with your offshore company formation rather quickly. You can benefit from our seamless operation as we make your company establishment an easy and laidback procedure.

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Free zone company formation

Starting a free zone company requires minimum complications and legal obligations. To start a company in the free zone, you have to choose a legal entity, a trade name, a location and a business license like all other business structures.

Benefits of a free zone company in Dubai

  • 100% transparency
  • Low renewal charges
  • Zero taxes
  • Flexible business operations

Investors can also enjoy perks like added privacy, lack of reporting requirements, etc.

The expertise of UBL business setup will help you start your free zone business in no time. We provide impeccable registration, licensing, visa and PRO services in Dubai for free zone company set up.

Types of business licenses in Dubai

The DED issues different kinds of business licenses based on your type of business activity. Broadly speaking, there are three main categories of business licenses in Dubai.

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Commercial license in Dubai

Dubai commercial license is a type of limited liability company (LLC) that includes all business activity with almost half a percentage of shares for the UAE national. This requires the service of a local sponsor.

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Industrial license in Dubai

An industrial license is mandatory for a business that predominantly deals what industrial activities.

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Professional license in Dubai

Once you obtain this license you can enjoy full ownership over the establishment. This requires the service of a local service agent but without any shares.

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How we can help you with your company set up in Dubai

Our team of specialists can help you with any kind of company setup in Dubai. We can provide the best consultation on the right kind of business structure you need for a successful establishment. From finding local sponsors to filling out your paperback and ensuring your business is free of legal challenges, our experts would walk you through all the necessary steps for your company formation.

The experts at UBL business setup enjoy a far-reaching reputation and top-notch knowledge of the Dubai business market. We have an impressive portfolio, years of experience and a long list of happy clients in and around Dubai. You can enjoy the best professional business consultancy that will help you launch a profitable business center in Dubai.

Our services include:

  • Advice, consultancy and guidance to help you form a triumphant business plan
  • Document preparation, file accumulation, submissions and translations
  • Services concerning all jurisdictions in Dubai
  • Bank account services
  • Visa services
  • Registration and license processing
  • Work permit processing
  • Approvals and permits from authorities
  • Partnerships setups
  • Finding sponsors


There is a reason why Dubai is one of the most favourite hubs of corporate investors. Starting a business in Dubai rewards you with many perks but you need the assistance of good industry experts to guide you through the initial process of company formation.

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  • 1. What companies can be formed in UAE?

    Companies in the UAE can be established on the mainland, in a free zone, or offshore. A local sponsor is required for a business to be established on the UAE mainland, and the licence is granted by the Department of Economic Department in Dubai. In a free zone, you can only operate inside a specific geographical area, and your firm must be licensed by the relevant free zone authorities. An offshore business in the UAE allows you to protect your assets and riches, but you can only deal outside the UAE. The company receives a certificate of incorporation rather than a trade license.

  • 2. How much investment is required for Business Formation?
    There is no fixed amount of investment needed to start a business in Dubai. Depending on your company's activity, Investing partners, business location, and so on. You can invest as much or as little as you wish, as long as you keep your employees and everyone else involved in the firm in mind.
  • 3. How long will it take for starting a company/business?

    It usually only takes the time documentation processes and license reaches you. Depending on the firm kind and structure, starting a business in Dubai can take as little as five days or as long as six weeks. The first stage is to register the company, after which all necessary papers must be gathered.