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Any international business gurus can attest for you - the UAE market is one of the most welcoming business environments in the world. Also, you need the best business consulting services in Dubai to assist you with your business idea. UAE is also listed in the top positions of ease of doing businesses. Foreign investors from all around the world choose Dubai as their investment location because of the bountiful milieu that encourages the company formation in Dubai along with the help of the best business setup consultants Dubai has to offer. Dubai government encourages and supports foreign investors and employees. There are plenty of schemes and visa packages for the aspiring businessman to launch his idea in Dubai.

There is also colossal scope for expanding your entrepreneurship .But setting up a business in Dubai demands certain prerequisites. You cannot just dive into the Dubai market without a solid business plan and primary sketch. You need thorough knowledge of the legalities and internal structuring of the Dubai market on which you should base your game plan. Often the fresh foreigner does not have years’ worth of research experience of the Dubai soil.

Business Consulting Services in Dubai

A business set up in Dubai is a favorable option for plenty of reasons. But since Dubai market favors everyone alike and the competition is more rigorous than ever, you need the advice and assistance of the best business consulting services in Dubai. To starting a business in Dubai, you should be in sync with the rules and regulations set forth by the legal and judicial bodies of Dubai.

business setup consultants in dubai

No matter what your area of investment is, there is a basic set of steps you need to follow to start a company in UAE

business setup consultants
  • Step 1: Choosing the right business activity
  • Step 2: Deciding the jurisdiction
  • Step 3: Selecting the company structure
  • Step 4: Department of economic department legalities
  • Step 5: Documentation and paperwork
  • Step 6: Cost effective funding routes

You need the experience and expertise of a credible trade license in Dubai for the flawless execution of above listed steps. Starting a business setup in Dubai can be time consuming and complicated if you don’t have the best brains in the field put to work for you. While picking your business consultant, please remember to give priority to experience and exposure, for there is no real knowing of Dubai market without these two qualities. This is why UBL business setup employs experts who have years of industry understanding and legal awareness.

top business setup consultants in dubai

Why You Need Business Setup Consultants in Dubai

Many new businessmen fall into the trap of saving costs by not hiring a business consultant. Hiring a skilled business consultant is the best cost-effective decision you can do while initializing your business. A consultant definitely has good industry practice and hands-on knowledge of every single step a businessman should take. An experienced consultant can give you good benefit comparisons about your location and the type of business entity. Many free zones and other locations can give you advantages over your competitor if you invest wisely. A business consultant can give you fruitful information in this regard and can guide you to the best decisions. Tasks like choosing the right jurisdiction can be simplified under the eye of expert consultants. You also need to be familiar with a ton of legal compilations that have to be incorporated into your business. Wrong moves in the legal incorporation department can invite unnecessary penalties and brush ups with authorities. You have to be extra cautious when it comes to investment and financial decisions.

With the right business consultants, you can keep making right decisions and take your company in the direction of growth. A consultant can give you valuable suggestion on company structures, best jurisdictions, easy and affordable ways of company setups. Startups and SMEs face more difficulties to takeoff themselves. You may face many financial constraints and have a vague idea about a completely alien marketplace. But appointing a business consultant can ensure you a good start and help you progress your business with the scope of immense expansion. Even though the authorities and government agencies provide a lot of support to the new entrepreneurs, legal constraints can be difficult to grasp and deal with. A designated business expert would be knowledgeable about the overwhelming legal formalities and always know what to do.

Documentation and paperwork need to be clear, concise and timely. Experienced business consultants can sort out the paperwork and submit necessary documents and proofs with ease.

dubai business setup consultants

Why Choose UBL

UBL business setup offers all the company formation and management related services for a successful business setup in Dubai. Our professional consultants can analyze your business requirements and come up with the best solutions to ensure a perfect kick-start to your business. Our comprehensive service spectrum includes guidance to a game plan, assistance with choosing business structure and jurisdiction, acquiring business licenses, visa services, auditing and value added services, funding services, PRO services, promotional services, securing location and office spaces, documentation and paper works etc.

Our experts can give you all the solutions in a fast and cost-effective manner. The business world in Dubai pours benefits to the one who keeps himself connected. With years of practice and developing the right connections, we can help you form meaningful relationships that can aid your business. You need to be on good terms with the various government bodies, legal departments and embassies to keep your business running. We can walk you through all the wearisome and tedious processes with zero worries.

UBL business setup is not about abandoning our clients after fulfilling our promised services. We keep our clients close and strive to make long lasting relationships with all of them. We will help you form clearer visions of how to develop and advance your business and how to improve sales. Our experts will help you enjoy the full benefits of starting a business in Dubai. UBL offers a team of experienced specialists who are adept with the concept of setting up a business in Dubai. We are the trusted business consultants for many foreign investors in Dubai.

Thinking of starting a business in Dubai? Talk to our business experts before you venture into the emirates market.

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  • 1. Why do you need a business consultant in UAE?

    The UAE is a thriving market to establish a business. However, it is also dynamic and provides entrepreneurs with a variety of options for establishing their business. You require the advice and guidance of a consultant who can evaluate your principle and select the most appropriate market entry strategy for your goods or services.

  • 2. What is the process to start a business in Dubai?
    • You need to first get in touch with a UBL Business Consultant who will guide you through the 3 types of businesses in Dubai-Freezone, the Mainland, and offshore.
    • Document submission
    • Local partnership
    • Approval for business
    • Getting a business license permit
    • Visa and sponsorship formalities
  • 3. How difficult is it to commence a business in Dubai?

    Nothing is difficult if you set your heart on it. Dubai's government is very accommodating to foreign investors. Starting a Freezone or Offshore Business Formation in Dubai is easy. The benefits include affordable and easy processing. For starting a company in the mainland you need to have a partnership with UAE nationals. It also comes with the added expense of setting up in the mainland itself. UBL business consultants help you start a company without too much hassle.