• 13-09-2021
  • maveric

Procedures to start Export Import business in Dubai

International companies seek a broad range of business networks for a great market. Dubai is such a space for any business with the most international business opportunities. UAE is situated at a place where three other continents have great access. Firms like UBL - that provide PRO services in Dubai help any business including exporting and importing services.

The location of UAE makes it better for a company to make international connections while sustaining as a company inside the country. A major point that makes it much better for import and export businesses is due to the effortless business setup procedures alongside several companies that help to do the business - who takes care of various prerequisites to establish a company in Dubai.

Acquiring a single license will make a company eligible to trade various products and services. Besides, it is one of the prominent regions that do import and export practices for a large amount on an annual basis. Import and export companies can utilize the free zones in Dubai for 100% foreign ownership along with other tax-related benefits.

For anyone who is looking forward to establishing an import and export business in Dubai, knowing how to set up the business will help even if you have an outside agency to help you with setting up the business in Dubai. The following section of the article includes several aspects, requisites, and procedures that come with the establishment of a company in the region.

Setting up an import and export business in Dubai

Any business has its own ways to do it legally. All the procedures must go accordingly one after the other to acquire the right trade license and carry on with the business activities. Let’s take a look at each of the procedures to set up an import and export business in Dubai.

Choose what kind of trade activity your company do

Any business which is trying to be established in Dubai should be specific about what kind of trade they are planning to run. It will give an idea of what trade license you need to acquire. A general trading license will be enough to do import and export various kinds of products across the globe.

You have various trade options to choose from for import and export business in Dubai. Whatever it is you choose, it must be the trade you do.

Pick a company name

Picking the name of a company has to be done after some research. The name should never be offensive towards any sacred people and organizations. Using anything that is out of prominent brands in the market is also not allowed for a company name. Furthermore, short abbreviations in the case of naming the company in your name are also not the better way to choose a name for the business.

Firms that do the business setup in Dubai can help businesses to find out if the desired name of the company is already taken or not. If the name is already registered, the company has to choose a different name that is not registered yet as a business entity.

Setup options for businesses in Dubai

Dubai offers mainland and free zone regions to set up a business. An import and export business can be set up in any of these choices. However, free zones are the preferred choice when setting up such a business that needs direct links between various beneficial locations for the trade.

Free zones in Dubai are closer to such locations including ports, airports, major highways, and more. It comes along with other benefits like tax exemptions, repatriation abilities, and exemption from currency restrictions.

Import and export trade license in Dubai

Any business in Dubai has to be registered under the Department of Economic Development (DED). An import and export business comes under the commercial license in Dubai - which will also be registered as an LLC ( Limited Liability Company). There are requirements that the business should complete as part to register the business and acquire the license from the Department of Economic Development.


Companies usually hire agencies that do the business setup in Dubai to help them with these prerequisites and other regulatory needs. Above mentioned things including the name, trade activity information, and more are required in the process of registering the company. Other things that are included in the requirements for setting up an import and export business in Dubai include different steps in the application and getting approved by the authority.

The requirements include the passport copies of the partners, a copy of the UAE resident visa of the local sponsor along with passport copy and Emirates ID of the local sponsor. The next thing after collecting the required documents is to submit them accordingly without errors. Both import and export registration have separate rules to follow.

Role of customs

Establishing the business in a free zone will eliminate most of the import and export taxes. However, the business still needs to incorporate with the customs because - as an import and export business, the trade activities will be happening on a global level. So, the business needs an import code in hand from the authority. Obtaining the import code is possible by applying for it in the customs department of the emirate you choose to establish the business in.

Copy of the trading license along with the details of trading activities held by the company. A copy of the passport is also a requirement in applying for an import code.

Obtaining Visas

By incorporating with a firm, experienced in business setup - you could apply for visas for employees for the company. This will make you eligible to sponsor visas for family members like spouses, domestic workers, parents, and children. The size of your company alongside the earnings, other factors determine the limit of visas you can apply for.

The whole procedure for setting up a business in Dubai might be tiring. Although, any of the best teams with experts in business setup Dubai can help you make every step in this effortless. You can reach out to UBL Business Setup in Dubai for all business solutions and consultancy services.