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Known as one of the most popular multicultural cities in the world, Dubai is on its way to becoming a global financial and trade center. UBL Offers the best PRO services Dubai including visa services, freezone & mainland licensing.Dubai is a destination for people from all walks of life around the world to come and explore the tremendous opportunities and business opportunities. However, the UAE is known for its strict rules on accrediting past patrols in remote areas. You will need to provide specific documents and rigorous examination procedures with the various administrative bodies here to qualify for specific visas and documentation. Below is a list of the formalities and procedures necessary to establish a company in the United Arab Emirates. This requires proper documentation and approval. Documenting and obtaining approvals is definitely busy and time consuming for investors. The solution is to approach the best professional service in the United Arab Emirates. Public relations work is the primary and primary function of any company in the United Arab Emirates to establish a business and procedures for establishing a company.

Our PRO Services in Dubai includes:

The documents processed by the Dubai Municipality and the Chamber of Commerce

  • Company registration and Registration of trade name
  • Apply for an industrial or commercial license and submit an application for renewal
  • Document processing in immigration, employment and other government departments
  • Preparing the company immigration card and business card
  • Processing new work visas and renewal of employees
  • Import / export certificates and other legal documents through a notary
  • Electronic property registration for patents, copyrights and trademarks
  • Government accreditation file and obtaining no-objection certificates from government ministries
  • Translates legal documents into Arabic
  • Rental application (commercial, residential rent)

Why choose UBL PRO services in Dubai?

To successfully manage and distribute the formalities and strategic course of procedures, you need an expert who can guide you through the complex processes that were pre-arranged for company formation, visa approvals, and other government-related businesses in the UAE. There are multiple stages of solid paperwork and it will take your first time to figure them out. Pro Desk assists customers in every stage from start to finish with high-quality document scanning services and professional services in Dubai. We are working closely with senior officials in the Dubai government and ministries.

Why PRO services are necessary for a company in UAE?

PRO services( professional document clearing services from the government and the ministry ) in Dubai play an important role and very helpful when you need passport permits, business licenses, immigration, trademarks, certification and you are unfamiliar with government offices and local needs.

Why your company needs PRO services in UAE?

The PRO services through our experienced consultants can speed up the company registration process and reduces the risk of legal procedures from Dubai Economic Developments. Ensuring that operations are handled accurately and in a timely manner reduces the risk of unnecessary sanctions or similar harmful consequences on work. Despite the obvious legal implications, failure to implement these measures can negatively affect many different factors outside of the business. For example, to work legally in the United Arab Emirates, every employee must obtain a residence visa and work permit, which is required to open a bank account, sign a residential rental contract and contact utilities such as Emirati id.

What are The most popular PRO services?

Once the building is constructed and eventually opened for office business, each business will need some additional services. , New Dubai business owners should be aware that your new business will need some excellent PRO services in Dubai and how long these processes will take. UBL offers you the best corporate pro services in Dubai, including public relations and consulting services.

  • Assistance for government work
  • Document attestation
  • Chamber of commerce/ foreign affairs
  • Trade license Registration and renewal
  • Dubai municipality documents Processing
  • Dubai chamber of commerce documents Processing
  • Visa Processing and renewal
  • Processing of employee labor and immigration cards

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