Free zone business in Uae

How to Start A Business In Dubai Free Zone

Dubai is one of the most preferred business locations by entrepreneurs all over the world. Its low taxation policies, world class infrastructure, global connectivity and futuristic government policies attract many businessmen to its shores. There are two popular ways for investors from around the world to start a business in Dubai, they are establishing a…

food truck license in dubai

How to Get Food Truck Licence in Dubai for your Business

Dubai is a city of diversities which attracts travellers from all over the world. Its international culture has made a significant effect in its food culture too. Dishes from any corner of the world are available in dubai. Dubai has now become the gastronomic hub of the World. Another attractive thing about Dubai is its…

8 business ideas for ladies

8 successful business ideas in Dubai for ladies

Dubai has witnessed remarkable growth in the number of women entrepreneurs in the last few decades. Women today are striding into almost every industry and sector with the help of their entrepreneurial abilities. Business setup in Dubai is comparatively easy for women entrepreneurs as compared to other countries because of its highly supportive government and…


The Impact of Blockchain and Crypto Currencies in UAE

Dubai has established itself as the global hub for Innovation and technologies. The government and the rulers were always keen to observe and experiment with the latest technologies. As the latest revolution in the financial sector, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency was also warmly embraced by the emirate. Known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution the UAE…

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